Carefully hand picked, the best grapes are tested and processed to become famous TOMAI wines.

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Quality control accompanies each phase of complex winemaking process – from the vine seedlings growing to wine bottling.

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«A good wine is a combination of favorable natural conditions, deep knowledge, passion and hard work”. Fausto Maculan


The culture of wine in the TOMAI region has its origins in old times. For the local population wine was for centuries a source of pride and wealth, as well as a prestigious trade commodity.

It is with passion and commitment that we work with our selected hand-picked grapes to make highly attractive TOMAI wines to please all palates.

Wine making process is based on precious old traditions and latest innovations combined with perfect natural conditions, providing vivid wines, which have their own personality with rare aroma and delicate taste of amber bunches of grapes.

Constant development and new technologies, golden traditions and respect for the winemaking heritage – these are the principles of winemaking in TOMAI. We produce a broad range of wines: dry, semidry, semisweet and dessert. All of them are unique and worth your attention.

TOMAI-VINEX is the first wine making company in Moldova using innovative twist-off corking technology. This technology helps to preserve the richness of taste and aroma of wines created by our winemakers.

Wine bottling is carried out on two italian bottllign lines: bottle line and Bag in Box line.

Our winemaking process has been developed not only to offer modern, stylish wines rich in fruit and character but also to offer our customers a unique possibility to feel the warmth of TOMAI sun in each drop of our wines.

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