Every feeling can be expressed in wine terms. So, if we touch love, undoubtedly we will choose ruby red for strong and passionate feelings and Rosé for tender and romantic emotions.

The color of Rosé varies from light and delicate to saturated pink depending on the sort of grapes used.

Rosé Tomai is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Muscat grape varieties by the traditional technology. The traditional technique of making Rose allows light contact between grape skins and pulp of grapes. The shorter the contact will be - the lighter will be the color.

The aroma and taste of Rosé wines is very tender and full of fruity shades. Rosé wines, thanks to their characteristics offer many different opportunities in matching with food. They are a great choice in all those situations, when a white wine is not enough and a red wine is too much.

Tomai - Vinex winery is glad to offer you a new product - Rosé wine collection, which includes Rosé Cabernet, Rosé Merlot, and Rosé Muskat wines for the most exquisite tastes!

Easter Holidays with Cahor TOMAI

A beautiful holiday is coming soon. Easter Sunday is time to reflect and celebrate the Lord's resurrection, and a time to gather with family and friends to share a special meal together. Traditional Easter menu in Moldova consists of dyed eggs, sweet cakes and of course traditional red dessert wine – CAHOR, the symbol of Jesus’ blood.

TOMAI winery has for long time been keeping old secrets of Cahors’ production. Today, the wine is made by a special technology from selected grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Tomai valley.

Its noble rich ruby color, full bodied harmonious velvety taste with chocolate aftertaste and aroma with shades of prunes and blackcurrant make it unforgettable.

This wine is a perfect companion for delicious Easter desserts and fresh fruits. Cahor TOMAI has for many times been awarded with medals at the national and international exhibitions.

Choosing Cahors produced by TOMAI winery, the customers can always be sure that they will enjoy a glass of natural and delicious wine made to become a real decoration of Easter holidays. May your Easter be blessed with health, longevity, love and a lot of happiness!



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