Our wines are a real embodiment of natural harmony of TOMAI region. Fresh until the last drop, TOMAI wines are created to be perfect companions of your happy and important personal and professional life events.


Elegant and attractive exclusive TOMAI Twist-Off bottles 1,5/1.0/0.75 l. vol. made out of white glass in a shape of traditional wine jug are important success factors. Exclusive bottles’ design has been appreciated and awarded prizes at many international wine competitions .


Basic principles of TOMAI winemaking are the following: - To keep the personality and national colouring of wine; - To use classical winemaking technology; - To take a constant care of our consumers;

Our wines

TOMAI is the traditional winemaking place, where for centuries wine is made and, by the quality of wine produced, a person is appreciated. The better is the wine, the better is the opinion. Today the technology and science have considerably enriched the winemaker’s potential but traditional passion for making always good wine, remains the same.

Winemaking traditions were transferred from one century to another; from a father to a son and that accumulated experience together with modern equipment of TOMAI winery help wines reveal their full personality. All these wines are presented in numerous collections with different names and styles, in different bottles decorated with beautiful labels.

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