Our wines

Collections in exclusive Tomai Twist-off bottles (0,75L )

Classical wines and classical wine making techniques are presented in Tomai Twist-Off exclusive botlle (0.75l.vol.). Owing to the innovative twist-off corking technology, our wines preserve the richness of taste and aroma created by our winemakers.

Each wine collection is designed to generate the warmest feelings and the brightest emotions.

  • Collection CLASSIC. Owing to the classical wine-making technologies these wines preserve their unique personality, noble taste, bright aroma and well balanced taste. Collection of natural grape wines CLASSIC is a perfect choise for those who appreciate wines as time confirmed values.

  • Collection WILD GRAPE. They say, that Noah has poured some blood of a lion, a lamb and a bird to the root of a wild vine. The blood has turned sweet its sour fruits and the drink made from them is still making people brave as lions, happy as birds and shy as lambs. WILD GRAPE wine collection is a tribute paid to noble vine.

  • Collection COLECTIE. Natural grape wines of this collection are highly appreciated for their soft haromnious taste with an expressed aroma and nice color. A distinctive bottle and label make this product remarcable for consumers. Tallented winemakers and inspired designers have created this product to be worthy of your own wine collection.

  • Collection WITH LOVE. It is always hard to express your fillings. WITH LOVE wine collection has been created for you to become an emotional gift with a harmonious form and an excellent content. Finding the right words can be difficult, finding the right wine can be easy…

  • Collection Tameanka and Kadarka. Tameanka & Kadarka are blend wines with special color, taste and aroma. Produced from the best european grape varieties, they preserve the best varietal features of each grape, revealing at the same time, their own personality. This collection has been created to give you a sweet delight

  • Collection Rosé Wine Rosé Muskat, Rosé Merlot, Rosé Cabernet. Rosé is an ideal summer wine. Rosé is perfect as a refreshing, light alternative throughout the year. It goes perfectly well with light and healthy dishes: fish, vegetables, fruits as well as with light desserts. Nicely chilled and served in elegant crystal glasses, it is truly relaxing and enjoyable… This wine is an embodiment of love and high spirit!

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