Our wines

Collections in exclusive Tomai Twist-off bottles (1,0L)

Wine collections bottled in exclusive TOMAI twist-off (1L. vol.) bottles are the company’s best-sellers which have repeatedly been awarded on fairs and exhibitions both in Moldova and abroad for their high quality and attractive design.

  • Collection Seven Favorite Roses. Just like a gentle rose, grape wine is a precious creation of nature that requires a constant care and attention. We are happy to invite you to enjoy seven grape varieties, seven excelent wines, SEVEN FAVORITE ROSES in TOMAI winery’s garden.

  • Collection Tomai Home Style. Almost in every courtyard in Tomai the wine is produced and, by the quality of this wine, a person is appreciated. It is a pride for our people to serve visitors with refreshing wine, which has unforgettable taste and expresses peoples’ hospitality. Traditions of homemade wine were transferred from a father to a son and are always kept in the depth of the souls.

  • Collection Tomai Premium. Tomai grape valleys full of sun are giving people savory honey sweet grapes ideal for special wines produtions. Their taste, aroma and color are rich and deep. Feel the warmth of southern sun and winemakers’ souls in each drop of TOMAI wines.

  • Collection Wino Grand Tomai. Wino Grand Tomai collection is composed of award winning wines that have been appreciated for their quality and design both in Moldova and abroad. The wines from Wino Grand Tomai collection are the best companions for traditional Moldovan meals. Enjoy the taste of life!

  • Collection Tameanka and Kadarka. Tameanka & Kadarka are blend wines with special color, taste and aroma. Produced from the best european grape varieties, they preserve the best varietal features of each grape, revealing at the same time, their own personality. This collection has been created to give you a sweet delight!

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