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Collections in classical bottle

A classical bottle of good wine opened for your friends and family or simply for yourself is like a theatre performance, a beautiful painting or a wise book, pleasantly remains in the memory for a long time.

  • Collection Tomai Cahor
    Wine collection Kahors TOMAI includes special wines of " Kahors red sweet wine" and "Kahors red dessert wine", "Kahors red dessert aged wine". Highly appreciated by wine connoisseurs, these fine wines are remarkable for their full aroma and taste with notes of prunes and black currant. The wine has been sanctified by Moldavian Orthodox Church.

  • Collection Wino Grand Elite. The art of winemaking is the culmination of many years of hard work. Collection of wines named Wino Grand Elite is remarcable for it’s matchless character. The wines range from dry to sweet. Come and discover their elite personality in every glass served!

  • Collection Confirmed for times Things confirmed for times become real values. Confirmed for times is a special wine collection in our product portfolio as it reflects the filosophy of our winery: to offer our consumers all over the world wines produced by classical technology of winemaking, wines CONFIRMED FOR TIMES....

  • Collection Wines in gift wrapping A nice bottle of wine makes the perfect gift for your friends, colleagues and family members almost in any occasion. By choosing our collection of Wines in gift wrapping, you will show them how much you love them. The perfect gift bottle of wine will also speak volumes about you as a person. Choose a gift bottle of wine carefully wrapped by TOMAI winery, and your selection will reflect that you are a gracious, considerate and sophisticated.

  • Collection Tomai Grand Reserve. The wine range of Tomai Grand Reserve collection comprises classical wines of high quality. The wines are remarkable for their rich bouquet with a pleasant varietal taste and deep color. The wines reveals it’s best features with aging in oak barrels becoming harmonious and noble. These wines are a perfect choice for celebrating some special occasions in your life.

  • Collection Tomai REGALIS.
    Southern region of Moldova is designed by nature to produce high quality wines. This wine is created from carefully selected grapes from southern vineyards of Tomai. It is a rich, powerful, velvety wine with excellent body. A truly royal drink!

  • Collection MONK'S BARREL.
    From ancient times, monks produced wine. Monasteries with all the necessary knowledge and resources for the production of this beverage have always kept them in strict confidence. Wines MONK'S BARREL take a special place in the range of products, reflecting the philosophy of production: to appreciate the age-old tradition, skillfully combining them with innovations

  • Collection Tomai Muscat .
    The Muscat grape variety, known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, is one of the oldest grape varieties known to the wine world. Muscat wines are easily recognized, light-bodied, sweet, and full of the aromas of honey and apricots. Color of wine is from golden to darkly golden.

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