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Aged wines

Wine as an industry has much newer roots in the timeline with respected varieties and vintages coming from around the world.

  • Aged wines play a special part in human culture and civilization. They are often called „wines for contemplation”

  • An aged wine has always been appreciated for its rich bouquet, deep color and captivating aroma. Aged in oak barrels, such wines require silent and slow savouring for becoming an unforgettable experience for the taster. We are glad to invite you to an endless and delightful journey into the world of taste and aroma, into the world of collection wines.

  • Aged wine echoes its master’s touch; a truth that is evident to a taster. These wines are certain to capture your heart and imagination. Blessed with a wonderful climate of the Southern region, Tomai aged wines make the perfect symmetry of tradition and technology to make your special occasion even more memorable.

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