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Since ancient times, the generous Tomai Valley is famous for its good wine. The vine is present almost everywhere: on the slopes of hills, at the facades of houses, in poems of poets, in the hearts of local winemakers.

In 1903, famous cellars full of masterpieces of wine art were created here. Their founder, Georgy Topchu, well-known to the whole district, is at the very beginning of the triumphal path that his home winery: from the primary wine production plant to the international export company with the TOMAI trademark - the guarantor of unchanging quality!



Wine series with history.

Gold Bugeac

Made from selected grapes grown on plantations of "Tomai-Vinex" JSC.


Traditional drink during winter.


Made from selected grapes grown on plantations of "Tomai-Vinex" JSC.

De Tomai 0.75L

Produced by traditional technology. Aged 18 months in French oak barrels.

Regina de Tomai

Tomai Reserve 0.75L

The embodiment of the legend in every sip.

Gagauz Wine 0.75L

The birthplace of the wine series "GAGAUZ WINE" is solar Gagauzia.

Loza Wine Series 0.75L

Everything that is checked by time becomes really valuable.

Vino Grand Reserve 0.75L

Classical European grape varieties, which is grown on the southern slopes of Moldova.

Wino Grand Elite 0.75L

Giving the name for wine, we endow the drink with character.

Muscat Series 0.75L

Muscats rightfully can be considered the most ancient drinks, because their fragrance and delicate taste was enjoyed by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Seven Favorite Roses 1L

Wine is a precious and fragile substance that requires constant care, like a flower.

Tomai Village

The series "TOMAI VILLAGE" includes the best white and red wines of classic varieties.

Tomai Tradition 1L

A glass of traditional house wine is a symbol of cordiality and hospitality.

Gagauz Wine 1L

Only the best grapes become the basis of this wine.

Mamma Mia

The wines of the "MAMMA MIA" series have a magical aroma and a subtle aftertaste.

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